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"Beyond Church: The Gospel in American Life" is a collection of essays, articles, poems, and humorous writings by E. Lincoln Pearson. Lincoln, an Evangelical Covenant Church pastor-turned-schoolteacher, has a unique perspective on the relationship between Christ and culture that developed as he found ways to communicate his faith while working in a public school system increasingly bereft of values and moral standards. Lincoln's unequivocal commitment to Christ is evident as he equips Christian readers to defend their faith outside the church building. Written over a span of 65 years, these thought-provoking writings challenge Christians to move "beyond church," to describe, defend, and apply their faith in the public arena.

Here is an excerpt from the Preface:

"Though the writings in this book span a period of 65 years, the themes are consistent:

It is this last point that prompted the compilation of this book from Lincoln's vast collection of essays and other material. In particular, Lincoln's essays attempt to show the thought process for applying one's faith in everyday life. He has a good variety of examples for readers to ponder as they consider the state of their own walk with Jesus Christ."

What Reviewers Say About "Beyond Church"

"The central issues in this book are its author's life-long concern for the centrality of Christ, his passion for the communal nature of faith, and his warnings against the unbridled individualism so characteristic of our age. Lincoln Pearson's insights are worth pondering in a civilized society that is less and less civil, and they are no less relevant to churches that are in danger of denying Christ's body in their shallow attempts to meet people's needs on their own terms."  
James R. Hawkinson, Executive Secretary Emeritus of Publications, The Evangelical Covenant Church

"Lincoln Pearson is a master of conceptual communication made concrete; also a first class wordsmith. His writings address timeless themes." 
Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian, Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Wheaton College

"Lincoln offers an engaging experience of putting faith and life together around the themes of Jesus, compassion, and justice." 
Rev. Lars Clausen, Seward Peninsula Lutheran Ministry, author "One Wheel - Many Spokes: USA by Unicycle"

"This book should be appealing to any Christian who seeks to carry out God's word, whether clergy, theologian, or anyone else who has a vested interest in the work of the church. The views expressed are an application of basic Bible truths. 'Beyond Church' gives us the intellectual and spiritual tools to see current affairs differently." 
Rev. Raymond A. Hill, Pastor, AME Church, Woodbury, NJ

Beyond Church: The Gospel in American Life

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